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Xiangyang Changnengyou Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. We are committed to providing modular, flexible and transparent intelligent IT solutions to meet the current or future internal logistics challenges for you. Internal logistics systems are increasingly complex. In manual, semi-automatic and fully automated warehouses, countless processes need to be managed and Visualization and optimization. Therefore, you need the assistance of experts. As one of the world's leading suppliers, we provide you with complete IT services

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The whole network marketing retail city solution

Online shop + offline shop, integrated operation of all channels, with a set of solutions to get it all!

The whole network marketing retail city solution

Aiming at the difficulties of operation and management faced by retail enterprises, a network-wide marketing solution that closely matches the needs of enterprises

Cross-border e-commerce solutions

Relying on the B2B2C shopping mall system, systematize cross-border e-commerce, omni-channel layout, connect customs/bonded warehouse, intelligent calculation of tax amount, retail distribution, and create a one-stop platform for cross-border distribution

E-commerce solutions for the wine industry

Wine industry e-commerce solution, specially tailored for wine merchants, supports personalized customization, product traceability, store management, member marketing should have

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